Hunting Rules and Practices at Buck Valley Ranch

Buck Valley Ranch does everything it can to make sure you have a safe and pleasant hunting experience. We are committed to helping you get the animal you seek and have a good time doing it.

To help us deliver the best possible experience we want you to understand how we do things. These practices have been carefully considered, first to maximize safety for you, our other guests and the guides and second to provide a common understanding of a reasonable way to do business together. Most are just common sense or common courtesy. Please familiarize yourself and speak to one of the guides if you have any questions or concerns.

Hunting Stand at Buck Valley


  1. No loaded weapons outside the High Fence. While outside the High Fence area the Bolt or Action will be open, nothing in the chamber, nothing in the magazine and no clip in the weapon. Weapons should be loaded after you are situated inside your stand.
  2. Hunting will take place inside the blinds. If you shoot an animal visually mark where you saw it last. If the animal has run out of site your guide will coordinate a prompt and safe search for the animal.
  3. No hunting will take place less than 4 hours of the consumption of any alcoholic beverage.
  4. Hunters are to abide by all safety regulations and guidelines published by the state of Texas.
  5. Please report any physical problems that might require special care to your guide upon your arrival to the ranch.
  6. Please report any unsafe conditions or safety concerns to your guide.

The Ranch

  1. Private vehicles are not allowed in the high-fenced area without the explicit permission.
  2. You may use the ranch meat processing building and walk-in cooler during your stay. Please leave them as clean as you found them.


  1. All hunters must obtain and carry a current Texas hunting license appropriate for the game sought.
  2. All shots are considered hits and are the same as a kill. Appropriate animal fee applies. Every effort will be made to find the animal, but the terrain can make tracking difficult so remember, if you pull the trigger you pay.
  3. We don’t hunt near protein feeders. These feeders are safe areas for animals. Sunset at Buck Valley
  4. No field dressing animals inside the High Fence area, all field dressing will be done in the area of the meat processing building area and the waste will then be taken to the dumpster near the entrance to the ranch.
  5. Please carry out all litter at the end of each hunt.


  1. The animal fee charged will be determined by the animal(s) actually killed, not the hunter’s intentions or the guide’s estimate of the value of the animal.
  2. Antler and horn measurements will be made by ranch personnel after field dressing and confirmed by the hunter. Measurements by ranch personnel will be final.
  3. Payment for lodging and for animal fees are due prior to departure on the final day of your hunt. We accept personal checks and major credit cards.
  4. Damage to any ranch property will be charged to the responsible party.

Any deviation from these practices, if unresolved, will be grounds for termination of your hunt.