How Do We Hunt?

Hunting at Buck Valley Ranch is available year round.

Hunting at Buck Valley Ranch is done in a variety of ways with your choice of weapon. We hunt from box blinds, elevated blinds, ground blinds, tree stands, safari style and by stalking. Weapons include rifles, muzzle loaders, pistols, crossbow and Bow & Arrow. Blackbuck

Hunting with a firearm is primarily done from box blinds. We have ten blinds located in strategic locations throughout the ranch. We monitor game patterns using both daily observations and game cameras so we can put you where the animals are. There is an automatic corn feeder near each blind to attract the game and provide you with an 80 to 100 yard shot.

For Bow and Arrow the elevated blinds, ground blinds and tree stands are usually used. These are located near frequent feeding locations and along major runs. Shortly after you take up your position we usually spread corn on the ground as a further attractant. Shots of 20 to 40 yards are most common. Most Bow hunters report an overwhelming thrill at seeing so many animals from very close as an added attraction of the hunt.

Rifles of 30 caliber or larger are recommended. We also recommend you bring a good pair of binoculars, your digital camera and layered clothing (in fall and winter).