Classification of Animals at Buck Valley Ranch

Axis Deer

Buck Valley Ranch classifies animals into only three classes:


"Trophy" animals of all species are excellent examples of the species. They are all mature animals with antlers or horns that will make a great mount. They come in a wide range of sizes and are priced based on the size.

The "Cull" classification for Whitetail includes all mature bucks with 7 or fewer points. Many of these animals are beautiful animals with antlers that will make a great mount. At other ranches these might be classified as management animals.

For other antlered species culls are animals with deformed or poor quality antlers. For horned species culls are animals with deformed or broken horns.

Your guide will clarify whether a particular animal is a cull.

Dybowski-Buck Black Buck at Feeder 

It is noteworthy that because of the extensive nutrition program at Buck Valley Ranch all of these animals make excellent eating. While Axis has the reputation at the best tasting, Blackbuck have also proven to be excellent eating and are a ranch favorite.
We have numerous reports that the meat from our Whitetail are excellent, as well.

Axis Deer Herd