When Can You Hunt?

Hunting at Buck Valley Ranch is available year round.


The 2024 spring season for Rio Grande Turkey at Buck Valley Ranch begins Saturday Marce 30 and ends Sumday May 12.

Axis, Blackbuck and Scimitar-horned Oryx are available to hunt year round. Fallow and Red Stag are available to hunt when in late velvet and hard antler, generally late summer to early spring. Whitetail hunters who see an exotic they want to harvest are always welcome to do so. The largest quantity of big Axis is available in summer. Blackbuck tend to change color in late spring until early fall, becomming less black and more brown.


At Buck Valley Ranch the 2023 Whitetail season (for all weapons) begins Septemer 1 and ends February 28, 2024. Due to our Managed Lands Deer Permit from Texas Parks and Wildlife all Whitetail deer tags are provided by Buck Valley Ranch, not the hunter. 

Blackbuck Whitetail