Fallow Deer Hunting

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Fallow Deer (Dama dama) are one of two species of deer with palmate antlers, the other being Moose. Palmate antlers can be described and having shape similar to that of a hand with the fingers extended or having multiple tines extending from a broad central portion. Fallow bucks begin growing their antlers in the spring shortly after they’ve shed their previous season’s antlers. Only Fallow bucks have antlers which are generally not palmated until they are three years old. Fallow may be hunted year round in Texas. Bucks are usually harvested when they have hard antlers which is generally September thru March but does can be harvested for meat year round.

There are four variations in color of Fallow coats. Common, has a chestnut colored coat with faint white spots and a darker unspotted coat in the winter. Menil, most commonly referred to as spotted, have a chestnut, although lighter than common, colored coat with prominent white spots in the summer and a darker coat with lighter white spots in the winter. Melanistic, frequently referred to as chocolate have a year-long black to greyish color coat. Leucistic, most commonly called white are pure white in color as adults, although they are not albino. Bucks average 170 pounds and can weigh over 300 pounds. We typically have spotted, chocolate and white Fallow available for harvest. While you’re hunting Fallow you’ll also see the other species of animals available at the ranch.

Fallow antlers, as mentioned above, are palmated The palmated or broad span is generally 5 to 10 inches wide with the antler length being as much as 39 inches. With their palmated antlers Fallow make impressive mounts

Fallow meat is generally regarded quite tasty, this is our favorite venison. When searching the web you will find mostly positive to extremely positive comments with, of course, the occasional negative review. Like Blackbuck, if you happen to fall into the negative group you almost certainly have friends who will gladly take it off your hands!

Fallow are indigenous to Eurasia. They are the most widely kept of the world’s deer and have been introduced to all inhabited continents. It is believed they were first introduced in North America on George Washington's estate at Mount Vernon, Virginia.

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